Online Live Interpretation Service
New technology for organizing multilingual event
Save up to 90%
of your time
Any type of event (online, offline, hybrid)
Any language
Hybrid integration with classical equipment
VERSPEAK is a Live Translation Agency
in the UAE.
We provide simultaneous interpretation for any type of multilingual events all over the world.

Classical simultaneous interpretation

We work with classical simultaneous interpretation equipment in the UAE.
We have more than 4500 interpreters in our pool who can work remotely or come to your venue upon request.

Our mobile application

for the listeners of an event

VERSPEAK mobile application can be used by listeners as a classical audioguide, but without any limits.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

A complete RSI system where interpreters connect remotely via a virtual interpreter's booth from anywhere in the world or on the venue.
Our app for listeners can be used as an alternative to reusable transmitters.

Audio comes out of the interpreters' booth and is transferred to our app.

The listener logs in using a specially generated conference code and listens to the interpretation in the selected language (even in the background mode).

Our application is also convenient if your event has several halls at the same time.
With our application, listeners do not need to receive and then return reusable headphones, they can easily switch between halls right in the application on their smartphones and using personal headphones.

Reasons to Choose Our App
  • Connection
    Connect from anywhere and on a venue using personal headphones and smartphone, and switch between halls if needed.
  • Easy login
    Login using the QR-code of the event or entering the conference ID.
  • More listeners than ever
    Up to 50,000 listeners in one session.
  • Safety 
    Your listeners do not need to use reusable headphones. All they need is their smartphones and personal headphones.
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
Short scheme of how RSI works
Audio and video signals are broadcasted via internet channels to interpreters' booth.
Interpreters can work remotely from home or office located anywhere in the world.
Interpretation is transferred to the application on smartphones or tablets and to a browser web-page on PC and laptops.
From request to execution
Fill the form
Fill the form, and we will contact you in 1 hour.
For an immediate reply to your request, please fill all the lines.
Your own conference
We create special and unique links for your event. Also, the system generates a unique code for listening to the interpretation in our app.

Virtual Booth
Your interpreters or VERSPEAK interpreters enter to the virtual booth and start interpreting your event. Our virtual booth is similar to the functionality of classic interpreter's booth.
Listeners can follow the interpretation via our app on their smartphones or via the browser link. We can also make an e-mail identification for your conference upon request.
Why choose us?
Easy to use
Only 1 computer on the venue for offline/ hybrid event. Working with any type of Videoconference Systems for online conference.
Up to 50 000 listeners
Stop worrying about not enough audio transmitters number for all listeners.
Official app
VERSPEAK App is available for free in the App Store, Google Play and Huawei App Gallery.
Fixed price for using the platform
Fixed price for using the platform with your interpreters - 1,500 AED.
Up to 100 listeners, 1 hour usage of a platform and full support are already included.
If you need to custom your event - feel free to contact us.

You can work with your interpreters
Or choose one of 4500 VERSPEAK interpreters.
Interpretation everywhere
Interpretation is carried out with a minimal delay (no more than 0,2 sec) and available even with non-stable internet.

Why we are better than classical solution for simultaneous interpretation that you are used to?

Quick organisation and time efficiency. We can deploy the conference in 10 minutes.

Individual audio devices.
There is no need to use non-disposable devices which could pass not thorough processing. Listeners can use personal headphones.

No need to think about logistics for interpreters and equipment delivery – interpreter can join from any point in the world where the internet is stable.

Your listeners can freely leave the event hall for a lunch or cup of coffee and do not miss any word of the speaker. Our app works remotely and in a background mode.

Save up to 90% of your time on organizing multilingual event with the latest VERSPEAK technology
Deployment of the system for simultaneous interpretation - no more than 10 minutes
Unlike classical equipment, which is to be rented and delivered to the venue.
Selection of an interpreter from the VERSPEAK pool - no more than 1 hour
For popular language pairs.
Training your interpreters to work with VERSPEAK - no more than 30 minutes
Everything is very simple and convenient in our virtual booth.
The best way to prove our professional skills
More than 10 languages and special audio guides for Russian Pavilion at Expo-2020.
Coca-Cola Arena
10 languages and 10 000 listeners – an impossible mission for classical simultaneous interpretation equipment, but not for VERSPEAK.
Armani Hotel
5 languages and 1 000 listeners at private event.
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