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Mobility. Inclusion. Internationality.
VERSPEAK solution for online events.
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
Our technological product is a cloud-based simultaneous online interpretation system named VERSPEAK.

VERSPEAK is compatible with any type of videoconference systems.

You can use our listener's app or follow the interpretation via browser link.

You don't have to pay for the professional ZOOM package or download the Microsoft Teams app. Interpretation does not stop when minimizing the window, using chat, or viewing the list of participants.

Interpretation is available from any and into any language.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
Short scheme of how RSI works
Audio and video signals are broadcasted via internet channels to interpreters' booth.
Interpreters can work remotely from home or office anywhere in the world.
Interpretation is transferred to the application on smartphones or tablets and to a browser web-page on PC and laptops.
Reasons to Choose Us
  • Relay function for the negotiations with rare languages
    For example, interpretation from Chinese to Korean and English is requested.

    In that case, the interpreters of Chinese – English and Korean – English should be invited.
    The transitional (common) language for these language pairs will be English, via which the interpretation of Chinese and Korean speakers to needed language will be ensured in real time.

    At the same time, the interpretation to English is also available.

  • Autofloor – interpretation channel automatic change
    There is no need to switch between interpretation channel and floor if the speaker speaks in your language.

    Listener always hear the speech in chosen language, no matter if it is interpretation or original floor.

To give you clearer understanding about our service we will be glad to hold a demo for you to show how convenient, technological and worthy of your attention it is