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VERSPEAK booth tutorial for interpreters
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VERSPEAK functionality for interpreters

In the VERSPEAK Virtual booth you have the opportunity to:

● Work in a "split pair," where you can see and hear your partner, working in the same booth but who could physically be in a different location, and exchange text information via chat.

● You can press the "ON AIR" button and your listeners will hear you "live" without delay, even if you are on another continent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Active ON AIR or MUTE buttons do not influence on your ability to communicate with your partner in the booth. The partner can always hear and see you through the microphone and camera in the booth, listeners will only hear you when ON AIR button is activated.

● During the broadcast you can switch between the language channels and use the MUTE button to temporarily mute your mic for the broadcast.

WARNING: The MUTE button only works when the ON AIR button is active
Does the VERSPEAK Virtual booth allows you to hear your partner?
Can listeners hear you if the ON AIR button is off?
Can your partner hear you if the ON AIR button is off?
Does the virtual booth allows you to switch between interpretation language channels?
I dont want my partner to hear me in the booth. To do that, I will press the MUTE button.
Will the MUTE button work if the ON AIR button is off?
How to prepare

Before you begin, you must have:

● A comfortable pair of headset connected to your computer via USB input with a noise-canceling microphone.

In no case the sound from the headphones must not get into the microphone.

● A good-performing computer with at least a Core i3 processor and 4Gb of RAM, not burdened with extraneous processes and tasks, at least during the assignment. It must run on Windows 8.0 operating system or higher, or latest MacOS.

Tip: Before you open VERSPEAK booth, you must restart your computer and do not turn on any programs that may use a microphone (Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc.) or make sure that any other programs do not use the microphone.

● Your computer must be connected to the Internet with a bandwidth of at least 10 Mbps.
The best way to connect to the Internet is via a wired connection (Ethernet).

If this is not possible, you can use Wi-Fi, but it must not be busy.

Tip: find a quiet and comfortable place with a good Internet connection and connect to the router with a cable.

Recommendation: install the latest version of Firefox (Mozilla) or Google Chrome browser on your computer.
Can I use a headset with a Jack type connection?
Can I work without a headset with a USB connection?
What browser can I use to work with VERSPEAK?