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VERSPEAK - Learning Assistant

We cooperate with universities and teachers, improving our platform, so that it is used for the education of students, the convenience of teachers in training and the practice of new personnel in the field of simultaneous translation.

How does VERSPEAK help the learning process now?

For universities:

Simultaneous online translation of lectures and speeches of foreign speakers. There is no need to worry about whether all students will fit into the classroom, will correctly assimilate the material and will not miss the lecture. The translation will take place online, even if they are not present at the event, they can always listen to the conference through the VERSPEAK application.
Also, in the conditions of closed borders, many MBA students of additional education cannot go abroad for lectures and internships. But this does not mean that training will have to be suspended. With the help of online simultaneous translation, students can make video calls with foreign teachers and listen to simultaneous translation, adopting the experience of their Western colleagues. And the university may not shorten or change the curriculum due to the pandemic.
Practice is very important in any field, but especially for students of linguistic professions. VERSPEAK allows students and teachers to try the possibilities of service and imitation of a real conference in sessions and trainings.
Also, with the help of VERSPEAK, teachers can undergo additional practice, improving their skills. Go to international conferences and meetings, presenting your university or your scientific work.


Depending on the subject and program of the event, we are ready to attract new specialist students / graduates from partner universities to develop their experience in simultaneous translation.
When using the VERSPEAK platform in the educational process, the student and graduate will always work and study on a platform that meets all world standards and new technologies. Upon graduation, a student can be sure that he will have all the necessary skills to work in all RSI systems.
Students of additional education do not need to worry about the correct translation of a foreign speaker. There is also no need for personal attendance at the lecture.

Corporate training:

Corporate trainings are very important, which is why you should not put language barriers to learn from colleagues who speak another language. VERSPEAK will provide your team with simultaneous interpretation wherever they are and wherever your invited speaker is.