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Basic parameters to calculate price of simultaneous online Interpretation

Event price calculation

In order to calculate price for the remote simultaneous interpretation service, we need to know the following:

  • Event date and duration
    In case you are going to arrange a complex event with several online or/and offline venues, just send us your agenda, it will be very helpful to make the quote.
  • How many language pairs
    What are the source and target languages. Besides, this information is essential to find interpreters for your project, should you need any.
  • Are you going to have a broadcast or limited number of participants?
    Broadcast allows an unlimited number of viewers and listeners, because they have free access via the web link. Otherwise we expect that you know at least approximate number of participants.

This calculator gives a preliminary cost on our platform usage (without interpreters) and

is not a commercial offer.

To make an order please enter your email below and we will contact you.

Event duration (hours)
Number of listeners
Approximate cost
Your Mail
If you have an event lasting more than 100 hours or more than 1000 listeners, please contact us.

Customized approach to your event

If you have additional information other than above, please, tell all details to our manager and we will discuss your case individually. You can work with your own interpreters, but if you have none, we are always ready to provide you with top-level linguistic services.
What we need to know:
  • Language pairs
    If the event is complex, divided into several parallel online rooms, send the program right away: this will greatly help with the calculation.
  • Date and duration
    Time zone, working hours, early beginning/late hours.
  • Topic of discussion
    Programs, brochures, agenda, glossaries, the basic points of discussion, names of speakers.
  • Video conferencing system you are going to use
    Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype etc.
    Any peculiarities for finding an interpreter that need to be taken into account