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The most popular questions about our service


Do you have any questions? Find answers below!
What if the Internet fails?
99% of venues have Wi-Fi. Event managers always make sure Internet connection speed and capacity match the number of guests. In case Wi-Fi suddenly stops working, you can use the mobile Internet.
I have no headphones. What should I do?
Despite the fact that nowadays everyone has own headset, it happens that guests forget to take it to the venue. Specially for such cases, we provide disposable headphones. But before the event, we recommend you additionally notify your guests to take their phones AND their headset for listening translation online.
Will the battery power be enough for the whole event?
We update our app every month! And the issue of battery consumption is one of the most important for us. The VERSPEAK application runs in the background. You can leave your phone in your pocket or bag. The battery consumption is practically the same as the standard power consumption when the screen is off.
What if I wanted to leave the venue? Will the signal be lost? 
No, you won’t be disconnected. You can put your phone into your pocket, leave the hall, or even leave the venue. You are available to listen to the interpretation through the app wherever you are in the world, if you have Internet connection.
Devices for classical simultaneous interpretation, which are distributed to guests, work only with a direct line of sight. They must be held in your hands or placed on your knees. Otherwise, the signal will be interrupted. Such devices act like a TV remote control. The remote control can only change channels with a direct line of sight to the TV. This is one of the online simultaneous interpretation app key advantage over the classic version.
Will it be necessary to provide ID as a deposit to receive a device?
No. Unlike a standard simultaneous interpretation device, our application runs on any modern smartphone. You don't have to stand in a queue or leave anything as a deposit.
Simultaneous interpretation is already in your pocket. You only need internet connection, open the app and turn on the headset.
What if the interpreters had problem with their network? Broadcast will be stopped?
We test every interpreter in advance. We check the quality of their equipment, computers and internet connection.
Thanks to this preparation, the interpreter’s work remains stable. If the connection suddenly stops, the second interpreter will take over. That’s why the broadcast is not interrupted even for a minute.
Is there a delay in interpretation?
The delay is maximum 0.2 seconds. But the guests won’t feel the difference. The interpretation goes at a very comfort pace.
Why is our platform more profitable than the classic interpretation option?
VERSPEAK is significantly more profitable not only in terms of money costs, but also in terms of time.

You DO NOT have to:
- waste your time on delivery and installation of equipment before the event;
- call technicians if something’s wrong with the device;
- warn participants that the interpretation may interrupt when one’s leaving the hall;
- pay daily tariffs for hourly equipment rent (with VERSPEAK you will be charged only for 1 hour if the event lasts 1 hour);
- ask guests to arrive early for venue managers have time to distribute interpretation devices to them in exchange for guests’ passports as deposits.


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