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Make the world a better place

What does VERSPEAK do to improve the world nowadays?

Reduces carbon footprint
Our online simultaneous interpretation service operates anywhere in the world.
With VERSPEAK you do not need to think of how interpreters get to the venue and what kind of transport they should take. Interpreters may work from home, which is important for reducing the carbon footprint.
We stand for conscious consumption
Why do you need to rent interpreter booths for an event, when simultaneous interpretation can be set up online. You need your computer or smartphone only.
VERSPEAK for inclusiveness
We are ready to hire everyone, regardless of gender, special physical needs or distant location across the world. If you are a good specialist, why should you be limited to something?
The main thing to working with us is a stable internet-connection.
We stand for protection from COVID-19
Say "NO" to reusable equipment, shared headphones or event room cancellations.
VERSPEAK guarantees simultaneous conference interpreting will always be with you, on your phone and in your headphones.
Using our online simultaneous interpretation service makes it possible to listen to the conference interpretation from home
This reduces the consumption of masks and self-defense equipment, which, as you know, litter the oceans. (In particular, the organization Oceans Asia warns, that over one and a half billion medical masks can get into the world ocean, a report published on the organization's website notes that this will lead to ocean pollution with plastic in the amount of 4.8-6.2 thousand tons, since one of the masks’ component is polypropylene).
Work-life balance
Everyone needs a balance between work and other aspects of life.
VERSPEAK adheres to the rules of this balance, both for the listeners and for all interpreters who work with us.