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Elena Melnikova
CEO VERSPEAK Helsinki, CCO (co-founder) of VERSPEAK
20 years ago, we could not imagine that the world would change so much and there will be smartphones that we use now. It will become so easy to contact or write to a person who is in another part of the planet. Nobody thought it would be possible to meet via live video link.
The classic simultaneous interpretation, which is necessary and to which we are accustomed, is like a paper letter sent by mail. Rather an old and kind ritual, not a necessity. After all, online simultaneous translation is already real, we are already using technologies that allow us not to bring an interpreter from another country, not to use expensive equipment and reusable headphones. Imagine what will happen next?
By investing in VERSPEAK, you are investing in the future. Into a future where everyone has the opportunity to listen, translate and be heard in any language.

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E-mail: am@verspeak.com
Office in Helsinki