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Let’s describe the classic scheme of online interpretation, when all participants (interpreters, speakers, listeners) are located in different places (cities or countries)

What do you need to work?

Participants get a special link and have to open it on their devices:
Speaker tells the speech, interpreter sees and hears the speaker, interprets the speaker’s speech and text of presentation if there is one, and listener chooses required language in app on smartphone and listens to the interpretation through the phone speaker or with headphones.
In addition to the access to the app we provide for the listeners a web link for listening to the interpretation in browser.
(To prevent mixing of sounds of two different audios, it’s necessarily to mute or turn down the volume of the original sound)
The speaker tells his speech.
Audio and video signal is transmitted via Internet channels to interpreter


The Interpreter hears and sees the speaker, translates his speech and the text of the presentation, if any
The listener selects his target language in the application on the smartphone and listens through the phone speaker or headset
  • Laptop / PC
  • Camera
  • Stable internet access
  • Laptop / PC
  • Stable internet access
  • Headset / Headphones
  • PC / Mobile app
  • Stable internet access
Modern technologies
We use modern technologies to
create clear communication